My husband and I were engaged already before he told me that he had a son. Shady shit right? The way it was explained to me was that you were a one night stand. When you turned up pregnant, you flew to Florida to tell another man it was his ,only coming after my husband when that man rejected you. Regardless, DNA proves the child is my husband’s so that’s what matters.

My biological father was MIA most of my life; never saw a dime from him. I can empathize and I did. Of course he should pay child support! Of course he should see him! I was your ally and champion lady. You blew that.

I have no illusions about how things went sour and who’s to blame. It was a terrible time in our young marriage. I know that when he was drinking, no amount of attention could fill his endless, bottomless need for it. I know that when I rejected his daily suspicious,controlling drunk persona he turned to your sympathetic ear. He slandered me to gain victim-hood just as he slandered you to me. He opened the door to the disrespect you have shown me ever since.

And really, you didn’t owe me any respect. Your child and that situation was between you and my husband. It would have been nice to be respected as his wife and the mother of his other children but, I acknowledge that you didn’t owe it to me.

Don’t worry, we’re not bonding here. You’re no prize either. Between your bi-polar, kleptomaniac, whore, heroin junkie ways, you’ve given your kids plenty of material for their future therapists. You were married when my husband was calling you behind my back. If you couldn’t have been decent enough to get another woman’s and fellow mother’s back, you could have, at least, respected your own vows.

Still though, I thought we could all eventually find some common ground. Then came the non-stop texts and calls threatening us if we didn’t give you more money than child support provided. I’ll never forget the “I hope you die” text we received on the day we were cremating our 3rd born son.

When we tired of your shit, we sent a cease and desist letter instructing you to only communicate via the child support agency which you ignore to this day. And let’s talk about child support. My husband is responsible for one of your kids. One. While we have 5 of our own. Yet every time you pop out another, you have child support raised to support them. What in the actual fuck is that about? You have never worked a single day in your life therefore, we have to pay for your 5 kids with different men? Regardless of the fact that the last time you went to jail you gave your junkie boyfriend your child support card to buy drugs with. Your own mother ,who actually had physical custody of the child, had to call my husband begging him to put a freeze on the card. The whole thing documented by CSEA and they STILL raised child support after that at your request. What a backwards, fucked up system.

So, no, you don’t get to send us casual texts asking for my husband’s SSN. I don’t care if you’re clean now. I don’t care that you want to try to be civil after all the drama you perpetuated. Thinking that it’s even your choice is still blatantly disrespecting us. Any time you contact us, I could press charges for ignoring the cease and desist. I don’t know if you’re too dumb to understand that or if you truly believe you have all the power. I haven’t thus far because you’re a mother who appears to be trying to get her shit together but don’t keep trying me. A little over a year, those checks will stop coming and you will be nothing to us. Not even a tiny speck on our radar. Try to force yourself to be and the last 13 years will come back to bite you in the ass.


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